9-week old cockerels gone mad

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Re: 9-week old cockerels gone mad

Post by chickenfan » Wed Sep 02, 2015 6:51 pm

Forgot to say, the speckled sussex chicks were my attempt to replace Joanna, who broke her femur, for my cock. She is no longer suitable for breeding, although she is in great shape again with not even a slight limp.
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Re: 9-week old cockerels gone mad

Post by elmdene » Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:28 pm

I had 2 young pekin brothers a few years ago, who I had to separate from their father and grandfather (who were both in separate trios) because they fought with each other. They seemed to get on fine with each other,apart from the odd play sparring, although one was clearly much more aggressive than the other. We had to free range them all in shifts and as soon as we let the young cockerels out they rushed straight over to the other pens to taunt the two older cockerels and try to peck them through the fence. Unfortunately while we were away on holiday, the aggressive one was killed by the other one in a fight in their pen (which was pretty horrible for our neighbour who was looking after to deal with). So I would say try to rehome them as soon as possible, although I know from experience this is not easy. We tried for ages with Dumpling, the one that was left, who was the most handsome, sweetest natured little bird ever (apart from murdering his brother), but sadly he died very suddenly about 6 months later.
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