Incubating refrigerated eggs

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Re: Incubating refrigerated eggs

Post by chrismahon »

Thank you KittyKat. Very interesting reading indeed. So the eggs remain viable at a 75% hatch rate up to 20 days old. Seems the real problem is them dehydrating and 12C is the optimum storage temperature in that respect, but a fridge at about 8 degrees is still fine.
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Re: Incubating refrigerated eggs

Post by Poultryman »

@Kittycat, helpful link.
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Re: Incubating refrigerated eggs

Post by tygrysek75 »

Hi Chris I just spotted your tread,and yes you can incubate them after storing in the fridge.Few friends of mine did that very successfully.Some people prefer keep them in cardboard egg boxes some go in to wrapping them in cling film to reduce loss of moisture .Some breeds are better than others to do so.
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