concerns around Broody

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Re: concerns around Broody

Post by Sandrine » Tue Oct 02, 2018 9:17 pm

Hi Hip Chick,
We had 8 eggs in total for our 4 hens who had gone broody all at once... And although 3 of the hens were absolutely perfect with the little chicks, the fourth hen was quite violent, to the point that the other girls who had clearly tried and protect the chicks at first were staying out of her way. So we lost 2 chicks due to that (well 3 if you count the egg that she ate before it was hatched). We two had to remove the chicks to protect them and keep them in a crate with the heat lamp on. This was definitely very stressful at the time, and very sad for the other hens who were really good mothers in comparison. They were ok within a couple of days anyway, and one become broody again within a couple of weeks or so,... so I presume not all that traumatised! lol (not as much as I was!). The positive side of this is that the four chicks (who have grown so fast and are at the growers pellets stage now) are a lot more tamed than the hens that we have had from about 2 or 3 months old. They just won't leave us alone when we're around, and are quite happy to get plenty of fuss made of them :-) We have not put them back with the others yet,... but they get to roam the garden together on a regular basis for now.
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