Incubating in day 18

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Lisa Weaver
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Incubating in day 18

Post by Lisa Weaver »

Hi there

I have some chicks that are due to hatch tomorrow. I have kept temperature at 37.5C and wanted to get humidity to 70% but can’t quite reach it. Can only get to 68%

I have just read on here that to help raise humidity, you can test some strips of kitchen roll and dangle on end into the water to act like a wick and spread the surface area. If you are me, would you do that now, despite the eggs being on lockdown or would you risk it and dip some tissue in due to the humidity not quite reaching 70%

Any advice gratefully received.

Many thanks
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British Raj
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Re: Incubating in day 18

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I wouldnt worry about a 2 % difference between your reading and your target, Lisa. If you stick probes at different parts of the incubator, you will find that there is much more variation than that from one part of the incubator to the other. Good luck with the hatch!
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