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Post by Hen-Gen »

Always been a bit sniffy about Leghorns. Thought they were flighty, laid mediocre eggs and couldn’t be tamed. A couple of years ago I bought six Buff Leghorn eggs from eBay. These have turned out to be calm, lay enormous white eggs and confiding. I’m a convert. Not this year but maybe in a year or two I might get some more.
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Re: Eggs

Post by Marigold »

Leghorns are lovely. I like that they’re flighty, and if you have a setup with high perches in the run they enjoy flying up and seeing the world from a safe height, like a ‘real bird.’ I love their extravagant floppy combs, like hats at Royal Ascot, and my present Partridge Leghorn has beautiful, varied plumage in greys and browns, not just all white like purebreds. And as you say, HenGen, enormous white eggs for at least two years.
Not as cuddly as brown hybrids, but I don’t want to cuddle my hens, and once they’ve settled into lay they get just as easy to manage as any of the others, not easily spooked.
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Re: Eggs

Post by Icemaiden »

My white leghorn, Holly, has long been surprisingly happy to come for a cuddle. She's about 4 now & while she now takes a break from laying over the winter, she came back into lay on 4th January and has, to date, laid 983 eggs! I'd have leghorns again in a heartbeat...
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