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by Shitzu
Mon Aug 26, 2019 11:14 pm
Forum: Incubating, Hatching, Rearing Chicks & Growers
Topic: To hatch or not to hatch...
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Re: To hatch or not to hatch...

In case you decide to hatch Brinsea incubators are some of the best according to our breeder. They have models for just about all pocketbooks and needs up to commercial breeding. There are a few others out there but every breeder I know uses the Brinsea brand products. Source:
by Shitzu
Mon May 20, 2019 7:47 am
Forum: Chicken Houses, Runs & Equipment
Topic: Automatic Chicken Coop Door
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Re: Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Hello Zoe, Welcome, we are happy to help. 1) Would an automatic chicken coop door be of any interest to you? Yes, it would 2) If so, how much would you be willing to pay for it? (Less than 100$, between $100-$200, or over $200) - between the range of 100$-200$ 3) If you already have a chicken coop d...
by Shitzu
Thu May 16, 2019 11:38 pm
Forum: Chicken's Health
Topic: Persistent gapeworm
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Re: Persistent gapeworm

Gapeworm symptoms in chickens include gasping and coughing…However, this does not always mean that your bird is infected.Your chickens might also be making funny rasping noises, gasping for breath, and shaking their head.Gapeworm is very common in pheasants but also turkey, chickens, and guinea fowl...
by Shitzu
Thu May 16, 2019 10:14 pm
Forum: Any Other Discussion About Chickens
Topic: White leghorns and white stars
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Re: White leghorns and white stars

With the leghorns, a breed focused mainly on egg production, you can get fertile eggs simply by having a rooster around to do his job. Having a leghorn hen that actually wants to set (go broody) and hatch her own chicks is rare. Not impossible, but rare. The broody gene has been pretty much eliminat...
by Shitzu
Thu May 16, 2019 9:53 pm
Forum: Any Other Discussion About Chickens
Topic: Buff Orpingtons
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Re: Buff Orpingtons

I agree with the contributor above,Orpington chicks def don't have feathered feet,their legs are clean(not feathered),although when adult you shouldn't really see their legs,as their body feathers are so profuse the legs are hidden. I am wanting to raise Buff Orpington's on my 1/3 acre pasture, alon...

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